Sunday, December 11, 2016

Latest Update

Children are enjoy together at school.

Celebration Day of School Start, For three months day off for national public school holiday, children have taken a long holiday from study at...

Children’s Camp had been held three days at the beach, Ou Cher Teal Beach, in Shihaknouk Ville City of Kampong Soum Province. The Camp...
Kampong Cham Building Dedication

Children were so happy that they can move to a new home because they have seen this building since it started to build in...
Ps. Sinai Phouek cut ribbon to open the ceremony.

The Building dedication is held on the 27th of August at Pailin Province, where is a new home of New Hope Children’s Homes established....
Mr. Kao Kim Panya, Assistant to the President of UC gave the gifts to children and Mss. Sothea, the N.H.O CEO.

On the 17th of June 2016, the University of Cambodia (UC) team including staff and a group of students led by Mr. Kao Kim...
Children's Home building progress

Home is very important to give children warm and shelter to relax and gain energy. Especially, it is a safe place to protect children...
Bike donation for Kids at Kampot

The need of children is always required and occurred while they are living in the home; the children’ body and thought is growing each...
Channa is engaging with his girlfriend.

After my visitation of each home and building construction during Khmer New Year, I travelled back to Phnom Penh. Early in the morning, while...

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We always keep our dream alive so, that we can take care more 1000 children who have no hope and parent to come in...

So far, a Takeo Building of Children's Home has been finished one endorse of the construction. We are planning to build one more building...

Magazine 2016

N.H.O Locations Home

N.H.O location map.

These are a new update of locations of New Hope children's homes on a map of Cambodia in the year of 2015, which is...

Changing Lives

Rom Bunthorn’s Successful Life after Graduation

Before living in New Hope Children’s Home, Bunthorn was a smart, cute, and quiet child who had a cheerful, lovely, safe and caring family...