I used to think wrongly about my life


I’m, Phon Sitha, one of the orphans living in Phnom Penh Children’s Home. I have three siblings: two brothers and one sister. I was sponsored by Mark & Tina Tomes, Americans 11 years ago in New Hope Organization. Recently, I have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of English Literature from Build Bright University. Today, I am married to a girl named ‘Pheaktra.’ I have a good family.

For 11 years I lived in the New Hope home. I received so much love, proper nutrition, provision, care, encouragement, counseling, guiding, teaching, comfort, and the Word of hope taught by Pastors and House parents in the home. I would like to say: firstly a big thank to my God for His love, grace, and compassion towards my life, secondly to my lovely sponsors, to the New Hope Organization, and lastly to other supportive people who physically and spiritually supported me as I lived in the orphanage. Sitha & wife with Sponsor MUM.Without their physical and spiritual help, I would not be who I am today. I promise that I will live and do my best to build my life and family in a way so that we will be a blessing to other people around us.

Previously, I used to think wrongly about my life and that there was no hope or dreams, but God has restored my hopes and dreams by sending me to live in the New Hope home. Thus, my new life is rising and prospering with the hope of God. I myself assure that New Hope Children’s Home is an officially trustworthy organization that really provides the best help for children and I am a first-hand witness to the success of this organization. Thank for rescuing my life. I love you, Lord.


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