(NHO) Overview


New Hope for Orphans (NHO) is a holistic Christian organization aimed at seeking out, caring for, educating and integrating the orphans of Cambodia into Khmer society. At NHO, we realize that every child is unique and has a gift or gifts waiting to be revealed and nurtured. NHO seeks out each child’s individual needs and addresses them with the love and concern that any love and God fearing mother or father would. Our vision is to build a new, young generation in Cambodia. And our mission is to nurture the orphaned children through the world of God in order for them to have a brighter future and to become a good citizen of the country. As our vision expands our need increase. We are currently caring for about 350 orphans in 13 orphanages (Called children’s home). This is a large number being cared for, though there are still 1000’s more orphaned children in need of our love throughout this country. Please lift us up in prayer and ask the Lord how you can further be used for the ministry in Cambodia


Rebuilding a new Young Generation for Cambodia


To nature the children through the Word of God in order for them to have brighter future and to become a citizen of Cambodia

 – N.H.O plan to rise 1000 children in 10 years’ time

– Establish an orphanage in each of the 23 provinces and cities of Cambodia

– Establish a church and service in each orphanage

– Establish a learning center for the insider and outside children within the community where the orphanage and church is located

The New Hope for Orphans Organization (N.H.O) is a non-government organization (NGO) which is officially registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs. It was established in 1999 till today with an aim of care for orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children. Presently, N.H.O has a clear structure and the director has enough capacity both human resource and project management for running the orphanages and 1 university student center with good services provide to 400 children, teenagers and youths. We have sponsored 365 children and 40 university students.

For 13 years N.H.O has provided shelters, daily meals, education, counseling, medical services and medicine, dental care, physical therapy and spiritual development through God’s word from the Holy Bible to the orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children who are now living and receiving care through N.H.O programs. This orphanage ministry is created to improve the living condition of orphaned, abandoned and extreme poor children to meet their basic needs and fulfill the dreams of an individual. Today some of our 18 and above are in the universities and vocational training centers and employed in various non-profit organizations and profit companies and some of them are placed on our leadership team on orphanage ministry.


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