Touching story of how God delivered


Pastor Sinai’s wife Somalay tells the touching story of how God delivered her from certain death, brought her to salvation and called her into the ministry.

I was 13 years old when Khmer Rouge evacuated my family and I from Phnom Penh. Hunted by soldiers commissioned by Pol Pot to exterminate all professionals; my father, a college professor, was in constant danger. My family and I fled into the countryside for safety. The Khmer Rouge solider found our family living in a small hut and capture my father. He was tied to a horse and dragged t death as I watched helplessly from hiding. A neighbor took me in for a few hours and then sent me away to hide in the juggle. On the second day, I was very hungry and saw a tree with fruit on it. I didn’t know if it safe to eat, so I prayed to ‘god of the tree,’ asking if the fruit was edible. Just as I prayed, a piece of fruit fell to the ground and bird started to eating it. I decided that it was a sign that I could eat it too. As I look back on that incident, I know that our true God heard my prayer and provided the fruit to sustain me.

A women found me and together we wandered in the juggle for several months. But the lack of food was constant threat; we separated. On the way through the juggle a cobra (a very poisonous snake) bit my leg. I knew that I would die soon, but a great miracle happened next. God sent a couple along on an ox cart during the night. They heard the sound of somebody crying, the stopped and found me; a young girl in the juggle. The saw the snake bite and miraculously had traditional medicine with them to cure me. They told me that I was a lucky girl because the only reason they were out traveling that night was because of a dream someone had told them about. I know it was the hand of God and his purpose to save my life.

Later, continual fear and memories of my father’s torture caused me almost lose my mind. One day I heard a woman talking to some people about Jesus. Listening to the message, I later asked the woman some more about him. The Christian woman told me that Jesus loved me, would be a Father to me, and He would never leave me. This touched me so much, still grieving for my father; I opened my heart to receive Jesus. I was given a new life of hope; he restored my mind and miraculously reunited me with my remaining family. I later me Sinai at Bible college. Today we’re happily married, have three wonderful daughter and minister together.


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