What We Believe

New Hope is a Christian organization. God has a special place in his heart for the poor and oppressed, and wishes to use his people to bless “Forever and Ever.” New Hope has been called to minister primarily to abandoned-orphaned children who do not have any parents or closer relatives and who are not willing to care for them. God will call each of them to live in New Hope for a new start of life. Then, their past life will be a wonderful witness to ably impact in the society and other people who have the same situation as them. God is especially offended by the horrors of human trafficking and the exploitation of children and vulnerable people for sexual or economic gratification for their own power and ambition. We know that the orphans we serve are prime targets for this kind of predatory abomination, and we believe that rescuing and raising these children in loving environment is essentially obliged to bring up the lost for Jesus Christ.

Abandoned-orphaned children should be raised in the context of showing care, providing safe protection, food, and shelter, loving from caregivers and house parents; not at all, they receive Bible doctrine to console them and to guide their life destiny in the future. Each of house parents in all of the homes play a role as their father and mother. They will, for this reason, not be lonely as before.

New Hope is a home for all of the abandoned-orphaned children to be safe and secure from harmfulness and neglect. New Hope really care and pay attention on providing all the best for these children as much as we can do. They are a next generation builder to fill up where the lost gap is missing to be alive and renewed with hope, development, prosperity, and wonders.

Our Goal and Commitment

  •  We are committed to honor Jesus Christ in all that we do. NHO is distinctly a Christian organization. Our programs are Christian-focused and all our staff are followers of Christ.
  • We are committed to work in partnership with local and oversea churches. The church is a God-given institution, which is to be the salt and light in this hurting world.
  •  We committed to follow through with orphans Sponsorships. Cambodia NHO Orphans Sponsorship Program is completely focused on the development of these orphans. The concept of Orphans Sponsorship implies that the funds will be used to develop the specific orphans who are sponsored.
  • We are committed to link NHO sponsors together and encourage them to develop meaningful and positive relationship with the orphans(s), who they have sponsored.
  • We are committed to be financially accountable. All donated money will be used only for the purposes of which it is raised.
  • We regularly perform audits to ensure that our programs are being well managed and that funds are being properly disbursed and utilized.


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