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At this time, there are a lot of abandoned and orphaned children in Cambodia. Most Cambodians live in poverty, struggling to survive. A lot of children are abandoned and orphaned because no one is able or willing to take care of them. These children need our help. Please pray that God’s moving hands will be upon Cambodia and rescue these children to have a better life and to rebuild Cambodia for Jesus Christ.

There are several factors for this crisis.

First, the majority of family incomes are below the poverty line. Many people leave the country to work in order to support the family, but some never return. They leave children behind. Some children have to labor as servants in other people’s houses, such as carrying goods, cleaning and caring for animals. Others pick up things along the road that can be sold to provide for their family.

Second, families usually have many children due to lack of birth control. Many people do not know not to prevent pregnancy, nor do they have enough income to support so many children.

Third, many people have died from HIV (Human immunodeficiency Virus. Some children contract the disease from their parents. Many children are orphaned and abandoned when their parents die from HIV, but they don’t have it.

Fourth, the Vietnamese and Civil wares destroyed everything and left landmines buried in the ground. Landmines kill a lot people when they go to find wood/logs or clear land to plant crops.

Through God’s calling in my heart, I started to run New Hope for Orphans in 1999 to care for orphaned and abandoned children. I want to pass my dream to them so that they are able to realize their own opportunities and dreams. My dream is to build a new, young generation for Cambodia. Only then, will Cambodia truly develop. Today, we are serving approximately 400 children including poor children and community and 60 support staff at 13 locations. Our vision is to reach out to 1,000 children through children’s homes located in each province of Cambodia. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. The current homes have big buildings, but limited funds to operate so we are currently unable to expand much more. I encourage you to review this outlook of NHO, to reflect upon the information and discuss it with us. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Our goal is to enhance the lives of the orphaned and abandoned to build the next generation. We want to see them succeed in society and life transformation.

This ministry is growing. Lots of children need your helping hand. Please partner with us. Also, please keep New Hope for Orphans in your prayers, for we are a vessel of God and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


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