Each months, New Hope for Orphans have thirteen locations children’s home to support by proving every children with three meals per day, shelter, education program and spiritual development with daily bible base study and each home have about 35-40 children, 5 staffs to take care individual group of children and a couple of lovely house parent to be Mum and Daddy. Room facility is large enough capability to put 8- 10 children in a room and a caregiver. All children in New Hope for Orphans get education program from kindergarten to high school and motivate them to get the best score so, they will be able to get the scholarship from our education department to enroll university. New Hope for Orphans sponsored to three hundred and fifty children and young adults. New Hope also plays an active role in the fight against human and sex trafficking.

New Hope for orphans provides this support through several programs:

1- Disaster Relief Program

Disaster Relief Program (DRP) is a dedicated program that provides emergency and disaster relief support for families in tragic situations.

2- Educate children Program

New Hope for Orphans, educates about 400 orphans and poor students daily, teaching English, computer skills, sex education and equality, send them for public & private schools and sport. We also supports 50 university students by providing fee, book and a bike cycle.

3- Outreach Program

The Outreach Program conducts regular assessments of church, Mobile-Clinic and sport club situations and provides a range of services including counseling and support

4- Sustainable Farming Projects

New Hope has established self-sustainable farming projects (fish, cow farm and vegetable farms) and provides agricultural training and employment for the poor.


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