Today, there are approximately 350 children raised by New Hope through child sponsorship around the world. Most of them get sponsored, but also there are a few children who need to be sponsored, too. They live happily in the home under New Hope’s umbrella. Many of them gave their whole life to be committed to walking with Jesus Christ with the rest of their life. They all are sent to study such as: public schools, private school, university or vocational school according to their understanding and desire.

Also, New Hope consists of 13 children’s homes in the 24 provinces of Cambodia. They get care, nutrition, education, clothes, and spiritual doctrine with our selected house parents and caregivers. Everyday we take a good care and look for the best thing for them in the purpose of seeing them have a better future than the past. They all need more involvement activities from you. They need a lot of things more to learn from you and me. Please come and visit us.

As a result, many of them are graduated, have a job, and get married through your help and sponsorship. Your donation makes a great impact to these children’s life.


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