Takeo children’s home is one of the last home in New Hope where located in the Northeastern of Cambodia and far away from Phnom Penh about 90 kilometers. The children don’t have a proper home to stay yet; it’s under construction. Today, about 20 children stay at the renting house in the village near the construction area. New Hope sent a house material supply and monthly children budget expense to those children.

We do want to see this home exist as soon as possible because we don’t want to see children stay at the dirty, ugly, gloomy house and contain bugs and insects to bite them in somehow. We try with our best to offer children. In this case we also need your help. No matter how big or small you give, it will make a better life for children. Now, we are coming to the 20 % finished of the whole construction of the children’s home. Today, we just bought a land and filled up the land in it because the home is in the rice field bear the main road. We do need: firstly a building and kitchen, secondly bathrooms and toilets, and thirdly a learning center. Please give a drop of help to these children.

New Hope always establishes help to rescue any children from everywhere children are orphaned, abandoned, abused, and neglected. All things are only the benefits for children.


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