One day, Bonteay Meanchey children were sent to a water park to hang out because it is on their holiday. Chamra Phouek, a house parent, really loves and cares each child who is under his care. He wants to surprise these children and make them happier. He calls everyone on a meeting in the evening and tells them that we all will go to a water part together tomorrow. Children ask him many times for confirmation. They all are so happy and excited to see it. He is telling them that the water park is a new place and very huge. Thus, let’s everyone pack your clothes and eat together over there. We will be there for a whole day. We will go there early in the morning and come back at the evening. At the end he asks, “How many children are there wanting to go?” All are lifting up their hands and smiling to each other.

When they were heard from their house parents saying, “Tomorrow, we’re going to a water park; everyone shouts out with joy.” These children feel so happy and could not sleep well at night because they dream about the water park and what they are going to do. They’re really excited to go there. They always keep it in their mind and are telling to each other again and again, saying, “Tomorrow, I will go to a water park.” Then, we go back to their room and pack some clothes ahead for the water park. Some of them ask their roommates, saying, “What should I wear?” The others say, “I don’t have a swimming suit. They feel so sad. Please help me” Anyway, they are still happy and use what clothes they have to go there.

House parent said, “Today we bring our BC children to a Water Park at Svay sisopon Krong Sereysopon Banteay Meanchey. Join us to make them smile.” When they get there, they scream and shout with joy. They ran to the place inside together. They told their house parent that they love this place. It is so cool. It is very big and beautiful. I’ve never been here before. Wow, the water is so clear and clean. The place is so hygienic, huge and nice with a big swimming pool. They all love to swim and slide down in the pool with their friends. They play and laugh to each other with smile. They show how much they are happy and joyful to their friends and house parents at the water park.

Thanks be to God that they have good house parents and people who really care and stay by their sides all the time. They really want to see these children smile and laugh out of their heart. They always feel needs in the children’s lives. New Hope is happy when seeing these children differ from before and lead their lives to a new hope where they can find in New Hope, today.


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