‘A good leader is a person who always come and visit coworkers or locations of working areas to see how far the project goes. Furthermore, they get encouraged to be a better person for the task fulfillment.’

Mr. Sinai, a director of New Hope, always comes down to the local project or each of the children’s homes to visit the children and to observe the development and process of each home in New Hope. He is so busy; he wants to see faces of the children to make sure whether they are happy or not –they love to live in the home or not. He often goes around the Tonle Sap River with oversea boards, donors, and coworkers. This month for the last trip, he took a trip to visit children and see the Preah Vihea land process.

Children were so happy and they see him because they are regard him as Father. Most of the time they respect to see him one time per month at least. Immediately, they saw his car come in; they run to him and say “Hello”. Some of them hug and smile at him. They were very surprised and excited to see his presence at their home.

Mr. Sinai said, “I am feeling relieved when I see each face of the children smile at me. No matter how work I have gone through.” Immediately, the joy of the Lord flow upon me and take away all of my concerns and hardship with the ministries. Children are my heart; I want to see them happy and big smile as much as it could be. Thanks be to God for giving me an opportunity to serve children ministry in Cambodia. Father, I like to say ‘I do love these children’.


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