Little girl happy to see their friends.
Little girl happy to see her friends.

After a summer holiday (three months), every school is left behind quietly and lonely. Classes are dirty and dusty. Students stay at home and spend some time with the family. Some of the students help parents work such as: going to the rice field, feeding a cattle at the field, cooking food for the family, going on tuition with the teachers, cleaning the house, and taking care of siblings. Factually, there are many students missing school –they always come by and look at the school. They expect the school time will come soon because they want to see their teacher and friends. Especially, they desire to see their new class, friends and teacher for the next grade.

During school holiday, at each of New Hope children’s homes, they have spent their whole time on doing such as: help out the caregivers and house parents to do housework, study Bible, study daily devotion, learn English and computer, plant vegetables, and build a friendship with their housemates. It is a long holiday (three months) that they sometimes don’t know what to do next while staying at home. Therefore, house parents of each home in New Hope have to prepare a plan/ schedule to keep these children on being busy. For instance, they will not focus on doing bad things. We try to train and teach them on education according to their grade or level in the school. By doing this, they will not forget what they have learnt for the previous year. Thus, for the schedule does not mention about the home activities all the time. We have to be flexible and make them interest and love their home more and more. They might also think that the home is also one school that provides education and training courses to them for building a better life. Although the home could not compare to the school, they will be close and look alike.

All of the children always expect the school should restart as fast as possible because they want to see their new class, teacher, and friends. Moreover, they may miss their old school mates and befriend to more children in their new class. They always ask themselves, “What is the class, a classmate, and a teacher like?” When the day of school restart comes, they are so joyful and excited. They prepare a school material and uniform ahead, which is provided by New Hope for the New Year of School Restart.

 On behalf of New Hope, we would like to wish all the children to enjoy a New Year start of their school and hope they will be well at school all year long.

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The New Hope for Orphans Organization (N.H.O) is a non-government organization (NGO) which is officially registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs. It was established in 1999 till today with an aim of care for orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children. Presently, N.H.O has a clear structure and the director has enough capacity both human resource and project management for running the orphanages and 1 university student center with good services provide to 400 children, teenagers and youths. We have sponsored 365 children and 40 university students.


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