Last month, SEAPC opened a big ceremony of establishing a plan to build 9 technology buildings in the 9 districts of Bonteay Meanchey province, which took place in Bonteay Meanchey University. There were a thousand of teachers, education governors, local officers, and chief of the province to participate and officially to announce of the starting date of technology buildings among everyone. During the meeting, the half-day program allowed them to select their presentative from each district to come up the stage and to do their presentation about task achievement, needs, and problem confrontation in power point slide shows. Everyone had 20 minutes to present among the participants in the meeting. As a result, all of the participants were so happy to hear about their work achieving so far in the previous year. Also, there were a lot of main problems that need to be solve. It was about students and people who do an immigration to work in Thailand and abandon their homeland moving to live other places because of jobless crisis. Furthermore, their monthly income is so below the average of living standard, which almost cannot afford the family.

Taking a photo with local officials, government, and non organization
Taking a photo with local officials, government, and non organization

For this reason, SEAPC takes this opportunity to give hope and restore this situation returning to normal. It also can reach out to people who are in need because the rate of immigration, education quit, and unemployment is high. People live very hard to survive because of living conditions. They do need skills to make an earning for a daily living and support in the family. Consequently, opening a vocational skill training (a Technology Building) is the main requirement for everyone to make a better life in the future. They will not make an immigration and move their house to another place. They will have a happy family in where they live because they can earn a daily income by this training short term course that is provided by SEAPC. By doing this, many people will receive hope from this program and give their lives to Jesus.

Now, that day is coming. Rev. Sinai is traveling to see the area of ground breaking with a teamwork and coworkers in Bonteay Meanchey province. There are many of provincial governors, local officials, education governors, teachers, and students coming on the date of celebrating the ground breaking of Technology Building. Everyone are very happy and wants to see this happen as soon as possible. As they heard this technology building will provide a vocational skill to people whether they are uneducated or have quitted school. It means that everyone can come and study whatever they want because this training course is opened to serve the whole community. People are so happy and unspeakable to the great idea of the governors who comes up with an amazing solution of opening a technology building in each district, which is the best answer for a big problem that people in every community of Bonteay Meanchey province are facing in living nowadays. They are really glad to support this plan and hope that it will help a lot of people in Bonteay Meanchey to gain more education on skill training course and making more income for living. Moreover, they believe this will much cut down the immigration and school quit cases in where they are living. People’s living standard will be improved; the whole province will be developed.


God is so good. At the end of the ceremony, many people get admired to the idea and speech of Rev. Sinai Phouek, a Founder of SEAPC-Cambodia. The ceremony ended up very well.

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The New Hope for Orphans Organization (N.H.O) is a non-government organization (NGO) which is officially registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs. It was established in 1999 till today with an aim of care for orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children. Presently, N.H.O has a clear structure and the director has enough capacity both human resource and project management for running the orphanages and 1 university student center with good services provide to 400 children, teenagers and youths. We have sponsored 365 children and 40 university students.


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