The summer holiday was past; the new year school restart is coming. Many children are waiting for their uniform and materials supply from New Hope because they want to wear and show that they are ready for school. From day to day they always ask their house parents, saying ‘Dad, When we have a uniform because the date of school start is about to come?’ They all curious that they may have them to wear on the day, ‘Back to School.’ House parents often speaking nicely to them about it, said that all of you, sons and daughters do not worry the uniform and school supply will come on time. One thing that you have to do is prayer to God. Our heavenly Father will bless us all what we instantly need.

Not long, good news is coming! All of the school uniforms and supply will come along with Rev. Phouek Sinai. You all will have two sets of uniforms and school supply to use for the whole years. Our God is full of love and will provide what we need. As you see, children are so happy and hold their clothes, books, pens with smiling face. Praise the Lord for his love and kindness. Please bless those who bless these children one hundred option back to their barn.


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