Earlier of this month, there was a team from Worldrace Organization coming to visit a Bonteay Meanchey children’s home, one of New Hope children homes, which is situated further from the others and near a Thai border. It is an organization that sends people to go and live amongst real and raw community and a stretching journey to challenge young adults making an adventure and abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it’s not about you; it’s about the Kingdom (Luke 10). For this trip to Cambodia, Worldrace team are all girls who really love to stay and spend some funny time with children. They keenly like to see and know a children’s lives in the orphanage. They have stayed several days with the children on their trip this month.

Worldrace team at Banteay Meanchey
Worldrace team at Banteay Meanchey

New Hope children’s home welcomes to a Worldrace team and really appreciates for the heart towards children in Cambodia. We hope they will like our children and show more care to them while visiting the home. Children are so happy to befriend with new people around the world. It is very good that they can come and find out more about how are New Hope children like? They have come to teach, to play, and to show dancing. Furthermore, they’ve given a word of hope to these children who get comfortable and content of what they are doing. As a result, many children keep on smiling on their face because of the joy of the Lord and heart felt emotion flowing upon their lives as they see the team come, play, share, spend wonderful time with them at the home. They feel that they are a new born and have a lovely big family. God is really care and good for these children. Glory to God ever and ever.

Chamra said, “We really thank fully to God for his love, grace, mercy and faithfulness to us. Today, thank a Worldrace team who are working hard for our children and the school and who are never thinking any returns from us. They’re here to serve God’s peoples by teaching English, sharing God love, and doing a painting and a lots of fun with our children.” He added, “Vouth Maria was helping the team to translate this morning for worldrace team.” On behalf of children, I, Chamra a house parent of Bonteay Meanchey, wish Worldrace Organization will proceed well and have more and more thousands of volunteers and young adults to travel all of the countries around the world for a mission trip like this.


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