Every year, ICS team always comes a few times to spend time with children. They often send a new team to get to know more about children and people’s life situation in Cambodia. They are young adults and also students who study in the ICS from Hong Kong. On this trip, the whole team is led by Phoepe volunteering to serve and bless children several days in New Hope Organization.

ICS outreach with students
ICS outreach with students

Sokhom, New Hope administrator, said,  “”Oh !!! Actually, they are from International Christian School in Hong Kong, China. there are 18 students, and 4 teachers. They always come to New Hope For Orphans and especially, they serve as the volunteers at Kampong Chham children’s home.” Children are so happy to see new faces of people from around the world. They feel very warmed and comfortable that they are not alone because many people love them so much. The team got the home and welcome every children there with smiling and hugging. At the end of the trip, the team and kids enjoyed the feast together with a abundant food. Not at all, this team also went to do an outreach to the community with the house parent. They also did the same things to the children in community as our children by singing song, playing Games and sharing testimony. These are very touchable and impact to many lives of children and people in Cambodia. Finally, each one of the ICS team was so happy and touchable by the love of the children and people -they are committed to come back and spend longer time than before. The whole team have learned and get a great experience to guide their lives in the future. By seeing these, it makes their lives improve and strengthen. God is so good that he led all of them to experience the new thing in life. Furthermore, children are blessed to receive a sighting love from people who are visiting, which makes them gain more joy and hope for directing their future.

New Hope really appreciates for the love and time that ICS team has done to any children in New Hope and also people in the community. They have spent time, energy, and money to impact many lives of people getting to know Jesus. May the Lord bless ICS more and more.



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