At this time, many of the Worldrace team come to visit Pursat Children’s Home about three week. Tha Yoeum, a Pursat House parent, reported, “They come from the Worldrace Organization. Name of the team is Zion. They will have stayed here for three weeks. They come to teach English, care children, spend happy time such as singing and dancing with them.”

This team is full of energy to spend time with children. They are so curious and enjoyable to see lovely children who are really happy and smiling with a warm welcome. They feel comfortable and excited to do their best things for blessing children. A few days ago, no matter how hard or sweat they lose, they still enjoy to see each face of the children because they are so lovely and caring. Children cooperate and follow exactly what they told them to do in teaching and playing. They together almost feel this place that is their own home although they traveled a long way from one side to the other side of the earth. It is so great that they can meet such soften heart children who display before them. Children have learned a lot of English and Song in English with actions. Not at all, the Children also show them how happy they are living in the home. They sing and dance with the music to show the team. They also share love and testimony to show how much that Jesus has rescued them and given them a new hope, which is that they are receiving and living in today.

How great is our God who we are believing and serving. He always cares about people and children. He shows love and mercy to those who cry out to him with truth and faith. Today, children are training well from inside-out with the living Word of God in the home. They always see the love that people or guests have shown before them. Their lives completely changed from the inside because New Hope really cares and gives the best to children, which represents God’s love and mercy.


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