Report 2015- God Grace’s upon children

Report 2015- God Grace’s upon children

Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2015

Annually, new door is always opening for us to organize and test its favor for upgrading our level in leading God’s people and follower. It requires a lot of challenges and motivation to go through and find out what it looks like. Unless we see the real picture illustrate in our imagination and dream, that will be reflect the whole aspect for us to pre-organize into orders for developing our handling ministries that God’s given to us. We learn a lot from year to year. It is like taking a step up to the end of the stair. Every step is different length and distance according how far we want to go and how much we can take control, which depends on our strength and willing.

For serving children, it is not easy; there are many obstacles and scramble problems occurred anytime when we are stepping forward. Sometimes we feel that we want to give up because it takes a long journey to go. By God’s grace and love that places in my heart, it makes us desire on the go to fulfill this destination with Him. On other hands, the smiles and the joy of each child’s face give me strength and inspiration to carry on this mission. The past stories of God’s miracles and blessing upon the whole ministries often encourage me to move on no matter how hardship or pressure I have gone through, I still have joy and stimulus to complete this to the end of my life. Without God,
You, neighbors and my lovely family and friend, I will not have energy or heart to do these things until today.



Sinai Phouek

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