Construction Update of Pailin Children’s Home

Construction Update of Pailin Children’s Home


A few months, building Pailin Children’s Home is under construction. It just gets 25% of building completion. Many people and children are so happy because their home will be finished as soon as planned. That building is a home for every child who is orphaned, abandoned, abused, and neglected to live together from every corner of Pailin area as well as one family.

This land will be blessed; many of children hidden by mistreated people will obtain a proper shelter, food, care, and love. Their hope and dream will be restored. They will begin a new start at the home. New Hope Organization is always on the side of children and provides the best for them at any time they need us. We want to see this building finish as soon as it could be. God is so good and loves those children so much because they have called on Him. We believe that children will live happily ever in the new home since the day that they step in. New Hope welcomes all of children to the new Pailin Children’s Home. Concluding, their whole lives will be transformed and contrasted from the past through this new Pailin Children’s Home launching.



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