For years, children in Kampong Cham have prayed for a proper place where is nice, huge, new, and comfortable to stay in as the same as other New Hope Children’s Home among the provinces of Cambodia. On the other hand, they have stayed with a huge group of children in a small roof: small campus, not many bathrooms, narrow dining area, uncomfortable rooms, and inconvenient zone. For this reason, it forces children’s desire to pray daily and continuously to put their trust and hope in the Lord in the purpose of wanting to have a big campus, nice building, and beautiful scenery around their new home to be being built. Because of their daily ongoing prayer and trust, it’s stirred up God’s heart to respond on what they have asked for.

Ps. Vandy gather with children to pray before lay foundation.
Ps. Vandy gather with children to pray before lay foundation.

Build foundation for Kampong Cham children’s Home Today, God’s been so great and wonderful towards their lives by hearing what they have prayed and asked for. He does know what they need the most for living. He wants these children to have a better place to play, to eat, to study, and to sleep. God’s answer is really at hands. From day to day, these children see their answers is being fulfilled gradually. Additionally, the new land is bought and filled up for the building. One line of new road is organized to fill up with soil and direct to the land. The building is ready for being constructed. Seeing things on the progression of the new home built, they are so happy and excited that they may be speechless and unexpected to what the Lord has done.

There are no other names on this earth who cares for these children; nonetheless, there is only Jesus who does know things that are vital needs for the children. He answers the children at the right time of need. A comfortable and convenient location and building is very important for them to keep on a good health and living. Without Him, an amazing thing would not be taken place by sight. Soon, they will have a proper home to move in. We love you Lord and give a great thank for what you have given to us, as your children.


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