Firstly, we planned to go down a few homes (Kampot and Takeo) because we want to know, how far is the home and children development, today? We really appreciated and honored that our director could go with us to meet these children so, they feel warm, love and caring from him. He is a humble person and love those very much. “Tomorrow, both of you go together with me at 8:00 a.m. CHEAN THA & SITHA.He said.

While we were in a car, the boss asked me, “Have you had a driver license?” I, Sitha, quickly replied “Yes, Sir.” He then said, “I want to test your driving.” I, said, “Yes, Sir. I shew him my driver license ID Card.” He took a few later and posted on Facebook. I felt a little bit of nervousness and sweat. He became my driving teacher. On the way to Kampot, the car was run out of gasoline. I drove a car to the Gas station to be filled up. I stopped the engine. After filling up the gas, I got on the car and started the engine. It didn’t work. The car’s battery was dead. Oh, my God. We were looking around for help. God is good there was a humble man coming to us and help us to make our car work. The boss said, “Today, we might not have a lunch because we cannot stop the car engine. It will not work.” He added, “We have to look something that we could easily take away.” You know what it is. It was a bread.

Glory to God. At the time we got there, we saw a lot of children run to welcome us. They were so happy to see our presence. They look strong, healthy, and lovely. We spend a short time to look around the area of the children living. We find out the home needs a kitchen, a playground and building renovation. Before we left, we took a group photo together and filmed a video to share these needs to our partners and cheerful givers around the world through Facebook and website. When we came back and went to one more home, Takeo Children’s Home on the way back to Phnom Penh. Today, the home’s been rented yet. We just bought the land for Takeo children, but we need a building on that land so children can move and have a better place to stay. When we reached there, there were so many little children running towards us and giving a respectful and warm welcome. The boss told the houseparent, saying, “keep on praying and we will try our best to find more support and to get as soon as possible for the home building.” There are 9 children only getting supported. We need more of child sponsor because many of Takeo children don’t have a sponsor. Therefore, they are in need. By seeing that report, the boss took the house parent to go along and bought 4 sacks of rice for the children.

At the end we came back home safely with a new driver. He drove the boss the first time. God is so good and protect us all the way back and forth.


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