After my visitation of each home and building construction during Khmer New Year, I travelled back to Phnom Penh. Early in the morning, while I came to my office after Khmer New Year ending, I saw Sitha was working in the office. Then, I am discussing about the current state of 4 locations in New Hope wit him. Immediately, I’m getting a phone call from one of the boys whose name’s Channa. He said, “Tomorrow, I will be engaging a girl at Prey Veng province. I prefer you to come, Pa Pa (Daddy).” In fact, all of the kids in New Hope always call me Dad although I am a Director. I don’t mind because I know they used to lose parents. First, I just want to do a test because I’ve known this boy since he was young in the children’s home. Rev. Phouek Sinai asked on the phone, “How long do both of you love each other? How much money do you earn a month to support the family? Do you have a stable job? Are you ready for having a family?” He also added, “It’s good to see you grow and start to have a family. Don’t worry. I’ll go tomorrow.” Sitha is listening and laughing during the funny talk on the phone.

Ps. Sinai Phouek and His Wife join Channa engagement program in the morning.
Ps. Sinai Phouek and His Wife join Channa engagement program in the morning.

“We come to Prey Veng province for one of our boy who grow up in NHO and now he decided to engage one of Christian girl who lived in the province,” added Rev. Sinai Phouek, “Chana’s grown up at NHO since he was a very small boy. He went to school until grade 12. Then, he went to a Vocational School called, “Khmer Hope” running by Singapore Mission Organization in Kg Spue province. After getting a job for two years, he decided to do an engagement with a Christian girl who has been serving children in one orphanage in Prey Veng province. Please keep them on prayer because next year they will get married as their goal and prayer.”

Channa and His future wife taking photo together.
Channa and His future wife taking photo together.

For a recent few years, New Hope for Orphans (NHO) has seen many of children left from NHO get married. Director of NHO begins to be very busy and happy to see they have a happy life and family in the society. This indicates that these children have grown up, left the home, begun to make a journey, and had a family. They are able to lead and shine their own lives. It is a good sign that the Kingdom of God is establishing and multiply everywhere in Cambodia. They don’t look miserable or suffer anymore when we see their face on the weeding day. It illustrates that NHO is like a bridge that leads them to a new hope in the next future. If the children succeed in life, it is also a victory result of New Hope, too. All things glorify to God.

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The New Hope for Orphans Organization (N.H.O) is a non-government organization (NGO) which is officially registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs. It was established in 1999 till today with an aim of care for orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children. Presently, N.H.O has a clear structure and the director has enough capacity both human resource and project management for running the orphanages and 1 university student center with good services provide to 400 children, teenagers and youths. We have sponsored 365 children and 40 university students.


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