The need of children is always required and occurred while they are living in the home; the children’ body and thought is growing each day. God is always at hand and understands what is suitable for those children’s need. Without God’s moving hands and love, or either without our lovely brothers and sisters who have a heart for those children around Cambodia, New Hope absolutely unable to support these children on time each day and cannot stand for a New Hope Organization as today. From your helping hand, no matter how big or small it will make a great impact to the life of the children. They sleep, eat, study, and smile well because of what you’ve planted in and watered to grow with New Hope for Orphans.

One behalf of New Hope children, I would like to be thankful to Mr. Stephan Picard donating 10 bikes for Kampot children home. They can drive happily to school. Last time, their foot was muddy and got dirty by the dust around while they were walking to school. They get sweat and tired of walking a long hour to school. By your help, these children can smile and enjoy to drive in the village. Their lives are getting better and more comfortable. “Thank God and thank to Brother Stephan Picard for helping us 10 bikes for kids that help so much for their school. May the Lord bless you and your family!” Added House Parent. Ran Kimeng, “Ly Bee shows his teeth and big smile when he received a new bike. Thank to everyone who pray and get involve. God bless you all!”

If people cannot see what you have done for these little children, today, but God, the Heavenly Father, reads your heart and compassion, He will bless your family, business, and health. Additionally, these children pray to God for you to get what you are in a necessary need.


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