Children were so happy that they can move to a new home because they have seen this building since it started to build in the beginning. They pray day and night until the building finished. They want to live in a new home where is more comfortable and nicer than the old. Kampong Cham Children have asked and cried out to God for years. Today, God blesses what they’ve asked for. That building was sponsored by Pastor. Joe Tung. Mr. Vandy said, “Pastor Joe Tung and his team represented to Canada church that bless this building to our kids to bring the team to visit our home.” These children will not forget of what Pastor Joe and his churches have done for.

Kampong Cham Building Dedication
Kampong Cham Building Dedication cut the ribbon.
Kampong Cham Building Dedication
Kampong Cham Building Dedication

The building dedication was held on the 29th of August almost at the same time as Pailin Children’s Home. On the day of dedication there were a lot of Ps. Joe’s Churches and his family coming alongside to celebrate and open a ceremony officially together with children, guests, villagers, local authorities, and churches. By cutting a ribbon together, it is shown that this building will be used for reaching out children and also a place for any children who are orphaned and abandoned throughout the Kampong Cham province to shelter. Without their prayers and donations, these children might not have a proper place to live in.

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New Hope for Orphans on behalf of the children would like to thanks to God for His blessing upon these children who are in need on time. Today, because of God’s love and care for the children people get touched and compassionated of what we are doing in Cambodia; our name are renown everywhere in Cambodia because of what you have joined hands with New Hope to make a great impact to the life of children.


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