The 6th Children’s Camp Celebration

The 6th Children’s Camp Celebration


Children’s Camp had been held three days at the beach, Ou Cher Teal Beach, in Shihaknouk Ville City of Kampong Soum Province. The Camp starts on the 23rd to 26th of August 2016. On the 23rd children in every home has to leave and arrive at the Shihaknouk Ville together no matter any homes are near or far. They must leave at the same day. There are approximately 650 children, including honored guests from different countries around the world in the camp. We together will stay in one place where is nearby the beach. The Children’s Camp is sponsored by SEAPC and other cheerful givers, and donors around the globe.


On the first day of the Camp, we can see that children who live in the further home leave early in morning and arrive late at night to the Camp. Although they take a long trip, their heart and desire popped up all the time to see the beach and their friends. Before leaving, they could not sleep and tell one another to prepare their stuff and clothes by packing in the bag or school bag. They discussed what they might be going to do at the beach. “What kinds of clothes do they should wear to one another at the beach?” asked Kids in Kampong Cham Province. Therefore, they forgot to sleep and still had energy for the whole night a day before the camp started. Though the trip is so long, they don’t care about. They just want to get there and see things at the beach. At the same day, we can see for the bus or car getting arrived first children will come to have meal and get a room key for the roommates. It seems that everyone is so busy. Some prepare and install musical instrument to place on the stage. Some carry their luggage out of the car and put it in their rooms. Some hand out the uniform/t-shirt to children. Some set up and check in the room for children. Some check out the bus or van of the children. Some hand out the medicines or check children’s sickness. For example, children get dizzy, diarrhea, headache, stomachache, vomit, or carsick after they arrive at the camp. Additionally, our guests are so happy and prepare ahead a lot of stuff and gifts to surprise children at the camp. Everyone works together well in the camp. While everyone arrived, we together stay in Chnai Chul Sar Hotel, which is a big hotel but because of having plenty of children it cannot provide enough rooms for all of the children, volunteers, and guests. We have to rent other hotels or guesthouses where is nearby there so we can easily come together to have meals and a meeting in the day and night time. All in all, God is so good and protect every child to have a safe trip although our trip is so long and there are some problems occurred on the way to the camp.

Purposely, Children will eat together, play Games, learning the Word of God taught by Pastors from oversea, sing praise and worship to God, befriend to one another, get to know each other, encourage one another, have fun together, pray for one another, and spend some time together in one place as one family in Christ. Furthermore, they can enjoy to praise and worship God together in one place. What we do is to indicate that we are one family in Christ. Jesus is the only Father, Hoper, and Helper in the daily living of ours. His name shall be lifted higher, honored and renowned in everything we do and trust in life.

On the second day of the camp, in the morning children will eat together at 7:00am. They will go to the hall to praise and worship God at 8:00am. After that, the young children will go to study the Bible and play Games with the team from USA and Singapore. For the house parents, they will attend the Bible study. We observe that this year there are a lot of small kids because New Hope has just established two more children’s homes: Pailin and Takeo. In the afternoon, we all go to the beach. Children can play, swim, eat snack, and have fun there. In the evening they come to have a dinner. They take a rest for a few hours and come back to the hall. We together sing praise and worship God at night time.
On the last day, we all say good bye to the hotel, the beach and children especially for our guests and volunteers in the camp. They all really want to have a great time together like this again if it is possible. It takes a long time that they come together and get to know each other. It is so awesome and amazing towards the children’s hearts and lives. They look forward to seeing the next camp in the next few years. Though we come different background of lives, God called them to be one in His family.

Pastor Sinia Phouek and his wife pray to open the celebration.
Pastor Sinia Phouek and his wife pray to open the celebration.

Be glory to God, without His love, care and blessing, these children will not have a good day together with other friends from different homes in Cambodia to be in one. God is really the New Father for these children in New Hope. They can see every child in the children’s homes, have a good food to eat together, have a time to play and to befriend together, and sing praise and worship God together in one place. Thanks to cheerful givers, donors, and volunteers to spend their time, energy, and money for setting up the camp. Children really have an amazing day together at the beach. May God, the Father, bless you long life, successful business, happiness, and peace in the family.


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