Album Children’s Camp 2016 Part1

Album Children’s Camp 2016 Part1

These pictures are briefly activities of the children’s camp where is held three days at Sihaknouk Ville, South of Cambodia, on August 2016. There are about 650 people including guests and volunteers attending in the Camp. All of the kids and guests stay in one place where is nearby the beach. In the morning time, we have breakfast, singing praise and worship songs together in the hall in the hotel, learning short Bible story, playing Games, Studying Bible, drawing and painting, and watching the magic funny show. In the afternoon, All of the children go to the beach. They play funny games, eat fruit and seafood, enjoy to swim. In the evening time, we have dinner together at 5:00pm in the hotel. Then, we take a rest for a while and see together again at 6:30 for praise and worship programs and Bible study with the oversea leaders.

At the end of the Camp, children was so happy and eager to have another camp like this as possible for the next next year. They befriend with a lot of new children who are from the different homes in New Hope. They gain love, care, comfort, and hope from their friends, house parents, volunteers, and guests. God is so good and love all of them so much.


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