Takeo Building of Children’s Home Gallery

Takeo Building of Children’s Home Gallery


So far, a Takeo Building of Children’s Home has been finished one endorse of the construction. We are planning to build one more building for boys. Today, children stay in the renting house in the village near the new constructed building. We will move those children after completely finished. First, children will stay together; then we will build another one because the first finished building doesn’t have enough space for all of them. We will convert the first one into a girl building after having enough fund to build another one. The reason is because the children, today, stay together in a new small building where is not enough space for them; that is, we desire to separate the girls and the boys in order easily to take a control of them.

Appropriately for your prayer and help, these children will have a better life and place because of what you are willing to do. God will make a way and provide those needs for the children. Together, children will regain a bright future and dream.

Here are the Pictures :

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