George family, team members and Church donated 114 bunk-beds

George family, team members and Church donated 114 bunk-beds


Again, appreciated George family, team members and Church had been working so hard to donate 114 bunk-beds to different children’s home. It is not the first time that his team contributed the resources to support the ministry and children are living in Cambodia. He and His team member always be a blessing toward kids. They reach their hands to help and bring more different in each kid life. He and his team also sponsored many kids and some university students to give them the opportunity that able to reach the goal in the future. He always motivates them to study hard to seek the knowledge and wisdom to build them up and get ride away from the poverty. Because knowledge is important that kid have to absorb and focus on it as daily. It is a bridge that can walk across the difficulty and lighting up to give the solution when they are growing up. Also, he never forgot to them that “God loves them so much”. Inspired them to read the bible and pray to him everyday to get support when they lack the wisdom. He and his team never get tired to visit children that living in New Hope Children’s Home for every year and they always love to see them growing up.

Now, the bunk-beds are contributing to some children’s home in the provinces. The kids are very happy after they had received it and they enjoyed to sleep on it so much. Otherwise, friends, right now a few Raising Kids homes are in need of new mattresses, pillows, blankets, and mosquito nets. One home, in particular, needs new items for each of the 25 kids living here.

We, New Hope for Orphans staffs would like to say “Thank You So Much” and appreciated so much of your contributions and donation to our organization. Your hands are the channel of blessing to the kids and co-worker here. Keep us in your prayer support as daily please.  May God bless you, team and church.



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