In February, New Hope for Orphans and SEAPC had arranged the training course to staffs and houseparent about “Understanding People, Mental health and Trauma”. The training was held at Phnom Penh city that is the main office. It is conducted by the specialist from America such as Mrs. Lyn Westman, Mrs. Kay Helm, Amber Griffioen, Carol and all women. Tina Tomes Raising Kids Director, had attended this course too. Also, she traveled with them to visited some N.H.O children’s home in the provinces of Cambodia. The most important she traveled a very long journey to visited the kids at Oudor Meanchey that is the new shelter for children near the Thai border. The training lasted for 10 days​​ (​5 day in Phnom Penh and other 5 days in Siem Reap province) in the church hall children’s home). There are five parts in the training course and 24 chapters in the book.


There were a lot of questions and answers during the teaching to assure that staffs and houseparents are well understood the concept while they staying and serving kids that came from the differences background then they will know how to deal make them feel happy.​ Trainees have allowed the caregivers and staffs to applied the practical issues with the questions that were asked too. After the course was completed, the certificated is given to them.

Appreciated SEAPC-US & USA women team had arranged the training course to support our staffs and houseparents ministry.



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