Thursday, April 19, 2018
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The New Hope for Orphans Organization (N.H.O) is a non-government organization (NGO) which is officially registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs. It was established in 1999 till today with an aim of care for orphaned, abandoned and extremely poor children. Presently, N.H.O has a clear structure and the director has enough capacity both human resource and project management for running the orphanages and 1 university student center with good services provide to 400 children, teenagers and youths. We have sponsored 365 children and 40 university students.

Melissa ShiQi – Volunteer at the children’s home

Melissa ShiQi - Volunteer at the children's home -Day 2: At Takeo 2 hours drive north of Phnom Penh and we arrived at Takeo. this...