Sunday, January 21, 2018

BC Banteay Meanchey

Ps. Sinai Phouek & Mr. Matthew at Pailin

Trip of Matthew Geppert, President of SEAPC, in Cambodia

At this time, Mr. Matthew, a president of SEAPC, comes to Cambodia with two people alongside with him on this trip. To see the new project called ‘Bonteay Meanchay Arise’ and visited students, New...
school uniform for Bonteay Meanchey kids

Children received school Uniform

The summer holiday was past; the new year school restart is coming. Many children are waiting for their uniform and materials supply from New Hope because they want to wear and show that they...

Worldrace Team Visiting Bonteay Meanchey Children’s Home

Earlier of this month, there was a team from Worldrace Organization coming to visit a Bonteay Meanchey children’s home, one of New Hope children homes, which is situated further from the others and near...