Get Involved

How to Get Involved with Us

You can get involved in any area of NHO ministries, and children will be bless by you. Thanks to our amazing friends and partners around the world, NHO is able to offer donation options that change and restore the children’s live. Your participation is. Without your help, nothing will be able to take place.

Do you want to help children of NHO? Jump right in! You can help. We have a variety of ways for you and your family to be a part of NHO children’s Home.


Roth Sreypov is doing home work from school

Child sponsorship gives you the chance to better a child’s life. Your donation contributes to a full program of education, nutrition, social services and...

Yearly, children get grown up, and their grades also goes up. Their daily expenses for living in the home are increased; the scope of...

Things are always rotten and rusted and will not be lasted forever. Most of the time building of children’s home gets affected by the...

NHO is looking for a range of teachers/volunteers to get involved in the ministries under NHO to make an impact in each child’s life...
Regulations/ What You should Know

Every volunteer needs to be self-funded, they need to support themselves fully the New Hope Organization is not able to help support volunteers financially due to strict budget regulations. The Volunteer will have to make sure to have the funds to cover food, housing and other necessities needed for their stay in Cambodia. Also the volunteer is to be aware of the regulations in working with children and youth as well as the protection of the children. The Government is currently working on by laws making laws and regulations for foreign volunteers to work with the youth of Cambodia. Regulations may include the following:

  • Never be alone with one child of either gender
  • Cannot use photos of the children or of the organization for personal financial gain without permission
  • Copies of Passports and Visas are to be made for the main office staff to keep on record
  • Purpose and Plan for your work sent 1-2 weeks before arrival
  • Must contact the main office to exchange basic personal information
  • Must turn in a final report detailing the trip and the work that was accomplished