Kampot Home

Kampot Province is located in the Southwest of the country, bordered to the North with Kampong Speu, in the East with Takeo, in the West with Sihanouk Ville and Koh Kong, and to the South with Gulf of Thailand, and consists of eight districts divided into 92 communes with a total of 477 villages. Kampot province is 4.873 square kilometers big. The current population in this province is about 619,088 people (with 299,814 males and 319,274 females). The population density is therefore 127 people per square kilometer. The country has a tropical climate – warm and humid. The general information about the climate is divided into three: cool season from Nov-Mar (20-26 Celsius), hot season from Mar-May (29-34 Celsius), and rainy season from May-Oct (22-30c with humidity up to 90%), but the average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius; the minimum temperature is about 16 degrees.

Today, Kampot is under development and preparation of infrastructure on industry, agriculture, eco-tourism, and eco-natural resource.  Generally, many people are fishing and farming to sell and to earn for living daily. Only people who live nearby the beach and at the city, of course, get a better life for living more than people who live in the countryside. By doing farming and fishing are getting a little income because the traders lower the price and sell out at the market into a double price, which makes people live with difficulty and needs. Therefore, many of parents have to leave their homeland to find a job in another province, in town or by sea. They left children behind. Some come back; some do not. There are many children dropped school because they go to work for family. Who will care these amount of the children? They do need help from you and me.

To care for those children, New Hope sees the outcry and hopelessness of children who live without parents and without hope and dream. Therefore, New Hope is, today, opening a home to gather those children and give them care, love, parenting, nutrition, healthcare, protection, and spiritual care both physically and mentally. There are about 25 children getting fully care at New Hope Home. They will live joyfully and peacefully at the home with house parent and house mates.

Furthermore, this province is a developing sector on tourism industry according to the government. There will be a lot of free spaces for the job requirement in the near future. Thus, they will be able to rise up and catch up those opportunities to take in charge of any areas that have been directed to be developed, so their nation will be differentiated than before. When these children grow up, they will help their own people. There is no more for child labor and abuse.